Cancer is the most dreaded disease of modern times. Due to the changes in lifestyle and eating habits, more and more people are succumbing due to cancer,one of the major reasonbeing thehigh cost of treatment. Cancer treatment in India is expensive starting from the detection of the disease. Prevention is always better than cure and hence one should try to prevent the disease from knocking at the doorstep. For those who are already stuck in the claws of the disease do not need to lose hope. They still can find cancer treatment at its cheapest best.

cancer treatment in india

First things first

Before you figure out about cheaper or expensive treatment, you need to know all about cancer. There are various aspects of treatment starting from laboratory tests, clinical tests, visits to the doctor, various procedures, radiation treatments, costs of medicines, post treatments care etc. for treatment for stomach cancer or any other cancer.By taking an inventory of the total costs involved, you will be able to understand your financial burden.

Avail health insurance

Taking help of health insurance to reduce the burden is desirable. Once you have figured out the cost, you need to work on the details as to which insurance cover will suit and what extent would be covered by the health care provider in case of diagnostic tests, surgery, drugs cost, stay at the hospital and doctor’s fees.

Subsidised medicine

There are many hospitals which provide medicines at cheaper rates. Lung cancer treatment cost in India or any other cancer treatment can be brought down to a huge extent by availing the drugs at asubsidized rate. In a recent announcement, AIIMS declared that they have declared a list of more than 100 drugs used in the treatment of cancer which would be available at a reduced cost of about 60-90%.

Screenings, image tests, Laboratory test

The lab test, image test, and screenings for treatment account for a huge part of the cost. There are many hospitals in India, which provide these services at a very nominal price to the patients. For ovarian cancer treatment in India, Dharmshila Hospital & Research offers free screenings for women aged above 40 and for those less than 40, the same facility is provided at subsidized rate.

Find out Hospitals offering free or subsidized treatment

There are many hospitals in India which provide high-quality treatment for free or at a very low cost. Tata memorial hospital in Mumbai and Kolkata provide free treatment to 50-70% of its patients. They have subsidized treatment for those not so privileged. Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai offer free treatment to 60% of the patients and subsidized treatment for many and is ranked as the best cancer hospital in India. There are more such hospitals which provide treatment forfree or subsidized rate.

Tie up with NGO

Many NGOs are working for this cause and trying to reduce the death toll from this dreaded monster. You can approach any such NGO who sponsor a part of the treatment and give emotional and financial support throughout.

There are various alternate treatment therapies which are cheaper such as naturopathy, homeopathy, yoga etc. Their effect on each patient may differ depending on the stage of cancer and patient’s acceptability of the treatment. India Health Help is a professional health care website through which you can gather all the information related to any treatment for stomach cancer or any other treatment anywhere in India.You can know about the best hospitals offering various treatments, expert doctors, treatment procedures etc. They guide you step by step through the entire treatment.