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India Health Help making giant strides in Medical Tourism

The past few years have witnessed a considerable rise in the number of foreign tourists coming to India for the purpose of undergoing any medical procedures or surgeries. This has resulted in making India a popular destination for medical tourism.

Thinktanks connecting for Better Future

Vikas Malik CEO of India Health Help recently met Dr. Mahesh Sharma (Minister of state of culture and Tourism). Discussions regarding how to sort out the the problems of Translators/Tarjumans in medical tourism industry took place in this meeting.

It involved as a detailed discussion to aid better access to Indian medical facilities to the people of Afghanistan.

With such public-private collaborations, India is poised to remain the number one country when it comes to medical tourism. With sincere efforts and working in close collaboration with the Government of India, this is something which is easily achievable in the coming years.

Other things discussed in the landmark meeting included steps taken to increase transparency in operation related to medical tourism and how to provide direct connection between off-shore patients and Indian doctors.

Nature of medical procedures carried out as part of medical tourism

A wide range of medical procedures are carried out as part of medical tourism. These include beauty procedures such as organ transplant, cancer surgery, brain tumor surgery as well as hip and knee replacements and neuro surgeries.

Advantages of choosing India as the destination

There are many reasons why India has emerged as the final destination for medical tourists is primarily because of the cost factor which is involved. Although the cost of any medical treatment to be administered to a patient depends on many factors, nevertheless, a knee replacement surgery which costs approximately $ 30, 000 in the USA, the same procedure can be done in India at a 40% to 60% lower rate.

This is quite a significant amount which cannot be ignored. Moreover, India also has the same level of advanced and sophisticated medical equipments coupled with well qualified and well read team of medical practitioners which makes it a popular destination for carrying complex medical procedures.


India Health Help and Max Super Speciality Hospital join hands for Afghan Patients

Two healthcare giants have rolled out a welcome mat, where in Afghani patients can draw the benefits of quality assured treatments at pocket-friendly prices on Indian shores. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali has tied up with India Health Help (IHH), an organisation renowned for medical tourism services in the country to provide Afghani patients world-class healthcare at its facility.

About Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali:

The 350+ bedded premier healthcare facility offers a range of preventive and advanced diagnostic treatment services at economical rates. The NABH & NABL accredited hospital is a name to reckon in major specialties like cardiology, endocrinology, orthopedics and joint replacement gastroenterology, IVF & Infertility, nephrology and kidney transplant, obstetrics & gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, pain management, pediatrics, pulmonology, urology, anesthesia and more.

The hallmark of Max Super Speciality Hospital is its multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, top-notch infrastructure, modern equipment, latest medical technologies, highly qualified doctors, consultants with international experience, an elegant ambiance, a safe environment and strict adherence to the highest standards of clinical care.

Facts about India Health Help:

One of the most respected medical tourism platforms in the country, India Health Help was established with the objective of helping people from across the globe find the finest healthcare options in India. The organization goes the extra mile to connect patients with its affiliated medical institutes and strategic partners to avail the best medical and surgical treatment for a full spectrum of disorders at fraction of the cost.

IHH & Max Super Speciality Hospital join hands for Afghan Patients:

The tie-up between IHH and Vaishali’s Max Super Speciality Hospital is a boon for Afghani patients struggling for appropriate treatment in their war-ravaged country. Thanks to the partnership, Afghani citizens will get cost-effective solutions in an upscale hospital supported by a qualified nursing staff and a team of experienced physicians.

In addition to medical excellence and personalised care, the patients will be assured a prompt treatment plan with zero waiting time for most procedures including surgery. Other perks of the initiative include a special discount for Afghani brothers and sisters, directly from Max Hospital.

There’s more! To overcome the language barrier and facilitate easy communication, IHH and Max Hospital employs trained personnel who speak Persian and Pashto at their payroll. As a result of this endeavor, sick Afghans and their families are no longer at the mercy of tarjuman, or interpreters who fleece them on the pretext of helping navigate the health care system.

With so much on the platter, Eid became a little more special for Afghani patients hailing from the conflict zone this year!

Happy Eid to all Afghani brothers and sisters!

Afghanistan gets Better Access to Indian Medical Facilities – Indiahealthhelp

It is a known fact that Indian doctors are not just intelligent, skilled and good at their work but they are also at par with the rest of their counterparts practicing in different parts of the world. This is evident from the growing demand for Indian medical practitioners and facilities in countries like Afghanistan.

Afghanistan now has better access to medical facilities thanks to the boost in medical tourism in India.

Companies like India Health Help are going all out to help patients from Afghanistan get access to Indian medical facilities in a convenient and reliable way. This is being seen as another step in promoting better relations between India and Afghanistan.

People in Afghanistan often experience great difficulty when it comes to availing good quality medical aid. This is either because the facilities are not available or even if they are, they are way too expensive for a common person to be able to afford.

With a view to provide such people with high quality medical aid at cost effective rates, medical tourism is garnering the support of the Government of Afghanistan.

The CEO of Indian Health Help, Vikas Malik recently met with the former president Mr. Hamid Karzai and current prime minister Mr. Abdullah Abdullah​ of Afghanistan ​and have earned their support on this arrangement.

Medical tourism companies like India Health help are furthering this mission as they are supported by 24 best hospitals​ and 1800+ ​best ​doctors​ from India​.

This initiative has been introduced keeping in mind a simple logic that if and when a common man in Afghanistan suffers from something as common as a cardiac arrest, he must be provided with good quality medical aid which at the same is cost effective and reasonable as well.

Compared to the cost of medical facilities in countries like USA or the UK, India also offers high quality and advanced treatments and that too, at reasonable costs.

Elaborating on India furthering its foothold in terms of medical tourism in Afghanistan, the official spokesperson of India Health Help further stated, “As a medium to achieve this purpose, we have opened up our help centre (office) right here in Kabul. No middlemen or translators involved and provide genuine advice from professionally qualified doctors only”.

​This is a novel and great concept not just in commercial terms, but also because of the fact that such initiatives helping in building as well as strengthening the existing ties of India with different countries of the world and create goodwill on the basis of that. However, at this stage what is required is to propagate this idea rather vigorously in order that majority of the population becomes aware of such an initiative.

About Indian Health Help:

India Health Help is one of its kind medical services providing company which offers holistic medical tourism platform to patients not just from India but also from all around the world to make use of the best and the latest medical services in India. This is done by providing international patients access to the best hospitals, laboratories for testing, diagnostic centers etc for providing him accurate medical solution for effective and fast recovery and that too, at reasonable rates.

Colon Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment سرطان القولون: الأعراض والتشخيص والعلاج

Colon Cancer  Description:

Generally, colon cancer treatment mainly depends on the extent to which cancer has spread. If cancer hasn’t spread beyond a specific stage, the first treatment to cure such a cancer is the surgery. Not just that, but in such a scenario chemotherapy can be used as well. Mostly, such treatments last only up to 6 months. Furthermore, apart from the cancer stage, other factors are considered as well before recommending any surgery.

Colon Cancer Procedure:

There are different types of procedures to treat different colon cancer stages. For those who are in the early stage, a simple surgery is used, which mainly depends on the extent of cancer.

  • Polypectomy & Local Excision: It is used to treat stage 0 and early stage 1 of colon cancer. Polypectomy is done by passing a wire loop through colonoscope so as to cut the polyp. And, Local Excision is used to remove cancer as well as the tissues from the colon wall.
  • Colectomy: This surgery is used to remove all the parts of the colon, including the lymph nodes present nearby.
  • Diverting Colostomy: If the colon cancer has spread beyond a point and tumors are blocking the colon, this surgery is used to relieve the blockage.

Colon Cancer During Procedure:

Colon Cancer surgery should be performed by only best and skilled doctors. It starts by making the patient unconscious with anesthesia.

  • If the cancer is in the early stage, doctors remove it without cutting the abdominal wall.
  • If the cancer is larger, the doctors not only remove cancer but a few healthy tissues surrounding cancer as well.
  • Once cancer and the tissues have been removed, the doctors then sew the healthy parts of the colon.
  • If the doctors failed to sew the ends of the colon, they create a stoma (opening) outside the body for the waste to pass through.

Colon Cancer Post Procedure:

Following the surgery, it is common to experience abdominal pain. Over time, the pain will gradually increase. If the doctors have prescribed any pain reliving drugs, you can take them up. Here are some of the steps that you can imply to take care of yourself post -surgery:

  • Support your abdomen with a cushion.
  • Avoid doing such activities that would put a strain on your wounds and abdomen.
  • If the stitches are still there, keep them clean.
  • Eat small meals frequently until you get your normal appetite back.

Connect with India Health help to find the right colon cancer treatment.

A Short Guide about Blood Cancer Treatment


Blood cancers directly impact the function and production of blood cells. Blood is produced in the bone marrow and most of these cancers start from there. When it comes to blood cancer treatment, a surgery is required to remove or halt the progression of cancer creating cells. However, the surgery varies as per the type of cancer, progress, the age of the patient, and some other factors.


There are various procedures to cure different types of blood cancers. These procedures should be performed by skilled and trained oncologists. Some of the procedure of cure for blood cancer includes:

  • Radiation Therapy: It is used to destroy the cancer cells.
  • Stem Cell Transplantation: The procedure includes infusing healthy blood cells into the body.
  • Chemotherapy: In this procedure, anti-cancer drugs are used to halt the growth of cancer cells in the body.

To know further about different procedures, you can get in touch with India Health Help.

During Procedure:

The surgery for blood cancer is done under some type of anesthesia. Depending on the type of surgery, different types of anesthesia are used. Also, the right kind of surgery is recommended based on the blood cancer stages.

  • To confirm the diagnosis of blood cancer, swollen lymph node is removed from the chest.
  • Sometimes, a central venous catheter is placed into the large vein in the chest. This tube is used to take samples of blood as well as to give chemotherapy and other drugs.
  • The induction therapy and consolidation therapy are used to kill the present blood cancer cells and those cells which are present there but couldn’t be located during the test respectively.

cancer treatment in india

Post Procedure:

Once the patient has undergone Chemotherapy or other surgeries, he/she tends to experience some of the side-effects for a short period of time. These side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • High Fever
  • Cough

To take care of yourself post procedure here is what you can do:

  • Avoid eating such food items that can trigger blood cancer again.
  • Exercise for few minutes
  • Consume healthy supplements
  • Avoid strenuous activities for few weeks.

Furthermore, it is also possible that a patient may encounter some of the health effects after few months or years. These are known as Late Effects. The symptoms for late effects are quite difficult to diagnose. Hence, it is recommended to visit the doctor on a timely basis for a regular checkup.

India Health Help can find you the right doctor who can advise on the right treatment.

Get Prostate Cancer Treatment from the best health care center in India

Understanding Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer can be defined in simple terms to mean the development and growth of cancer or cancerous cells in the Prostate. The Prostate is the reproductive part present in a man’s body. The prostate cancer stages begin with the growth of these cells in the Prostate and then moving onto the other parts of the body like the lymph nodes or the bones. These cells can either grow very slowly or can even grow rapidly.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

To begin with, there is no one standard treatment of prostate cancer which is or can be made applicable to all the patients suffering from Prostate cancer. The Prostate Cancer Treatment can range from mere observation or surveillance to hormone therapy to surgery which includes cryotheraphy or chemotherapy to vaccine treatment or bone-directed treatment. Usually, one treatment is given at one particular time unless the patient’s conditions require him to be treated with multiple options at one time. Treating prostate cancer is a slow process and takes quite a bit of time before the cancerous cells are removed from the body.

Going for Prostate cancer surgery

Prostate cancer surgery is one of the most popular ways of treating Prostate cancer. This surgery is also known as radical prostatectomy in medical language. However, one thing which must be understood is that this surgery can be effective and can be performed only if the cancerous cells have not spread to the other parts in the patient’s body. During this surgery, the surgeon actually operates by creating an incision in order to remove the Prostate and the neighboring tissues. Although this was a common and regarded as the best treatment for prostate cancer, nevertheless due to the introduction of new and sophisticated methods of treating this form of cancer, this treatment has become less popular.

Common symptoms for Prostate cancer

Although detecting or diagnosing Prostate cancer can be quite difficult and tricky, nevertheless, there are some symptoms which can make this slightly easier. A person could be suffering from Prostate cancer if he shows any of the following symptoms:

  • Unable to stand up while urinating;
  • Experiences difficulty while starting or stopping urine;
  • Traces of blood in semen or urine;
  • Increase in the frequency to urinate particularly at night; or
  • Experience burning pain while urinating or ejaculating.

Why India Health Help?

If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with Prostate cancer, then the one thing which he must do is to get in touch with a hospital which has specialized team of medical professionals which will ensure that you will be in safe hands. India Health Help has been formed for the purpose of providing low cost but effective solutions for a number of illnesses, including cancer.

How does India Health Help work?

Hence, the India Health Help is basically a website which provides the patients by providing them all the necessary information about the treatment they intend to undergo and provide packaged treatments. These packages include not just the treatment cost but also the hospitalization charges as well as nurse or attendant fees along with pick up and drop facilities to and from the airport doctor’s consultation fees etc. In case of a foreign patient, translator’s services are also included in the package.

Apart from this, once you opt for the package you are also provided with a personal account in-charge who takes care of providing you with end to end services which are included in the package. Hence, India Health Help has teamed up with some of the major hospitals like Max Hospital, Medanta Hospital, Artemis Hospital, BLK Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Jaypee Hospital, Pratiksha Hospital and Global Hospital to name a few to provide their patients with the best and finest of the services.

Depending upon the nature as well as the stage of cancer which the patient must be suffering from, he is given a customized treatment plan. So, if you want to get yourself or your loved ones treated from, then just seek consultation from India Health Help and you will be good to go!

Symptoms of Colon Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Before moving into the symptoms of colon cancer, one must know what colon is and how it works. Colon is a tube-shaped muscular organ. The main functions of colon are to digest and absorb nutrients from the food we take; to absorb fluid and concentrate fecal material. Colon also plays a vital role in storing and controlling fecal material.


Women tend to ignore their own health as their mind and body is pre-occupied with the family responsibilities. Hence, this write up is dedicated to all the women out there to know the symptoms, risks and preventive measures to fight against colon cancer. Read on to know how you can be on the safer side with a little consciousness.

Colon cancer, regarded as the second leading cause of cancer deaths is also known as colorectal cancer. It is equally common in both men and women.For timely detection and treatment, it is necessary to know the signs of colon cancer.

Though it is difficult to list down the causes of colon cancer, there are certain factors that expose one to the risk of developing this disease. Apart from diet and health related causes, colon cancer also have a genetic influence. The risk of getting colon cancer is more for people with a family history of colon cancer. Following are the main colon cancer symptomsthat woman should not ignore-

  • If you notice a change in bowel habitwhether in the form of constipation, diarrhea or stools becoming narrower; do consult a doctor as it may be a symptom of colon cancer.
  • Persistent abdominal discomfort like gas, pain, cramps etc. or appearance of blood in stool may also indicate that you need colon cancer treatment.
  • Another symptom that women may notice is fatigue, nausea, weakness or vomiting etc.
  • Dark stools or even a feeling bowel doesn’t empty completely may be a sign of colon cancer.

It is said that there are five categories in colon cancer stages. In stage 0, the spread of the cancer do not extended the inner lining of the colon. In stage I, it extends to the layer of the colon wall. In stage II, it grows from the wall of the colon to the nearby tissues. In stage III, the extent of the spread is to the nearby lymph nodes and in the final or stage IV, cancer spreads to distant organs and tissues from the colon.

Early detection of diseases and timely treatment is no doubt necessary for any health related issues. However, prevention is better than cure. Better avoid red meat or diet that is rich in fat and the chances of colon cancer will automatically come down to a significant per cent.

It is necessary that doctors are approached at the early stages of colon cancer so that treatment is possible and easy. India Health Help provides health related updates and information on diseases including colon cancer. To find out the best doctors or hospitals for your treatment, have a look at their site.

Low-cost treatment for cancer in India

Cancer is the most dreaded disease of modern times. Due to the changes in lifestyle and eating habits, more and more people are succumbing due to cancer,one of the major reasonbeing thehigh cost of treatment. Cancer treatment in India is expensive starting from the detection of the disease. Prevention is always better than cure and hence one should try to prevent the disease from knocking at the doorstep. For those who are already stuck in the claws of the disease do not need to lose hope. They still can find cancer treatment at its cheapest best.

cancer treatment in india

First things first

Before you figure out about cheaper or expensive treatment, you need to know all about cancer. There are various aspects of treatment starting from laboratory tests, clinical tests, visits to the doctor, various procedures, radiation treatments, costs of medicines, post treatments care etc. for treatment for stomach cancer or any other cancer.By taking an inventory of the total costs involved, you will be able to understand your financial burden.

Avail health insurance

Taking help of health insurance to reduce the burden is desirable. Once you have figured out the cost, you need to work on the details as to which insurance cover will suit and what extent would be covered by the health care provider in case of diagnostic tests, surgery, drugs cost, stay at the hospital and doctor’s fees.

Subsidised medicine

There are many hospitals which provide medicines at cheaper rates. Lung cancer treatment cost in India or any other cancer treatment can be brought down to a huge extent by availing the drugs at asubsidized rate. In a recent announcement, AIIMS declared that they have declared a list of more than 100 drugs used in the treatment of cancer which would be available at a reduced cost of about 60-90%.

Screenings, image tests, Laboratory test

The lab test, image test, and screenings for treatment account for a huge part of the cost. There are many hospitals in India, which provide these services at a very nominal price to the patients. For ovarian cancer treatment in India, Dharmshila Hospital & Research offers free screenings for women aged above 40 and for those less than 40, the same facility is provided at subsidized rate.

Find out Hospitals offering free or subsidized treatment

There are many hospitals in India which provide high-quality treatment for free or at a very low cost. Tata memorial hospital in Mumbai and Kolkata provide free treatment to 50-70% of its patients. They have subsidized treatment for those not so privileged. Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai offer free treatment to 60% of the patients and subsidized treatment for many and is ranked as the best cancer hospital in India. There are more such hospitals which provide treatment forfree or subsidized rate.

Tie up with NGO

Many NGOs are working for this cause and trying to reduce the death toll from this dreaded monster. You can approach any such NGO who sponsor a part of the treatment and give emotional and financial support throughout.

There are various alternate treatment therapies which are cheaper such as naturopathy, homeopathy, yoga etc. Their effect on each patient may differ depending on the stage of cancer and patient’s acceptability of the treatment. India Health Help is a professional health care website through which you can gather all the information related to any treatment for stomach cancer or any other treatment anywhere in India.You can know about the best hospitals offering various treatments, expert doctors, treatment procedures etc. They guide you step by step through the entire treatment.

Pros and Cons of IVF Treatment: The former is higher

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization and it is a highly recommended treatment involving four steps to getting pregnant. If a woman has been facing challenges to conceiving, then IVF treatment is the one solution that wouldn’t disappoint anyone. People avoid medical treatments in reputed hospitals in India for the costs involved. The cost of IVF in India is affordable and women who have undergone this treatment recommend it to the entire mommy to be.

Every treatment has its pros and cons and it is no different from IVF treatment too. Let us have a look at them.

IVF treatment India

Pros of IVF treatment

As it is a unique and proven treatment with high success rate, there are many pros attached that imbibe confidence in others.

  • The success rate in the field of this treatment is higher compared to other treatments available. IVF hospitals in India are well-known for their expert professionals and doctors who are responsible for increasing the fertility rate for families by gifting them with a bundle of joy
  • The cost-effectiveness makes it a treatment for people of class of people without a second thought
  • Earlier there was a notion that cancer can be one of the side effects of the process due to the injecting of drugs pertaining to fertility. This has been declared as null and void now which is great news for all aspiring parents.
  • The techniques and methodologies used are highly improved and advanced. Along with the advancement in the techniques, the affordability adds to the preference of choosing the treatment
  • It is a safe process to conceive that has benefitted innumerable families in the past

Cons of IVF treatment

Well, although there are many pros which inspire families to take a chance, the treatment has its share of cons too.

  • Although with the change in the trend of fertilizing, everyone might not be able to afford the cost. With a number of lab tests and visit to IVF doctors in India, one might be ready to spend more than the budget
  • For affordable IVF treatment, India is one of the best choices to make undoubtedly. What about the choice with the number of babies? That might be at risk because having only one baby as a result of the process is not guaranteed
  • Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome is a side effect which may create complications for the woman. Apart from the mother, there can be complications in the baby born too.

Everything has its bright and dark side. But pondering over the possibilities of the brighter side can give one the answer.

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